About us

Built on the foundations of true friendship, we established a socially responsible Guatemalan company that follows the principles of Fair Trade. Achiote was born in 2015 with the aim of developing our communities in rural areas, adding value in quality and design to Guatemalan ancestral craftsmanship, and displaying Guatemala as the beautiful country it is to the world.
Team Achiote

Woven in a Loom

We work alongside more than 50 artisans from 7 different communities in rural areas, following the principles of Fair Trade. Building relationships on honesty and transparency.

Innovation at our core

We live and breathe an innovation based culture and that's why we continuously improve our methods and keep developing new products every season.

The artisans

Threads of wool and cotton are interweaved to tell the story of the ancient Mayan civilization. We transform these handwoven fabrics into unique products to offer people from all over the world a glimpse of what our culture represents and provide beautiful, special handmade products.
Artisans of Guatemala

Achiote Bags

Achiote Bags are made of handwoven wool, full grain leather and cotton lining. The details have been carefully crafted and the wool treated to ensure durability. Only high quality materials are used in the production of our bags. We combine functionality and beautiful design with innovation.
Achiote Bags

Our values

Handmade + Innovative + High quality bags
Ethically sourced, following the principles of fair trade.

Our promise is to create long term relationships built upon open and honest communication.

Our commitment is to provide innovative, high quality products with a common goal of shared growth and prosperity.
Fair Trade