Courage 100% Soy Wax Scented Candle Glass Jar w/Essential Oils


Courage is grace under pressure.

The grounding aroma of Frankincense combined with relaxing Lavender and woodsy Juniper help create an empowering and balancing atmosphere, infused with Tea Tree essential oil.

Our Achiote Scented Candles are hand-poured using organic soy wax, infused with all-natural essential oils, and lit with cotton wicks. Our ingredients are phthalate-free, never tested on animals, colorant-free, gmo-free and lead-free. The container is of course reusable and convenient.

Enjoy the delightful calm and warmth that come when lighting your special soy wax scented candle. Each scent has been carefully selected to connect with yourself and to bring wellness to your home, we are sure you’ll love them all!  

100% soy wax, 8-ounce transparent glass jar with white lid, 40 hours burn time.