Handmade Cotton & Silk Green Scarf | Pinos

Beautiful green tones showing the trees that give life to Lake Atitlan become a must-have accent piece for nature-loving, hopeful self.

Our take on the most versatile item in a wardrobe: the scarf. This beautiful piece is 100% handmade, using only natural dyes, woven in a backstrap loom, with ethically sourced materials, and showing the most imaginative designs.

The ultra-soft texture of cotton and silk feels light on your body while combining perfectly with your outfit, you will feel comfortable and stylish!

At the shore of Lake Atitlan, the beautiful town of San Juan La Laguna is home to many artists and weavers; among them, a group of women are experts in the art of weaving in backstrap loom and combines this talent with a special technique of jaspe using only natural dyes, they tie the cotton threads and form unique designs in beautiful natural colors.

Dimensions: 10" x 65" without the fringes.