Messenger bag vs. backpack: A style guide

Messenger bag vs. backpack: A style guide

If you’re in the market for a new bag but can’t figure out which style to choose… we can help! Looking into countless models and styles isn’t easy, but in our experience, it eventually boils down to two key choices: messenger bags and backpacks. 

Both styles are great options, but how you will use your bag can help you make the choice. Your bag should match your personality and also suit your daily engagements. You also want to buy a bag that is durable, lasting for more than just a few short months, while providing a timeless style. 


Messenger bag vs. backpack 

Both a messenger bag and a backpack can be suitable choices for men and are common across all age groups. Messenger bags come in a classic shape, are effortlessly stylish, and are super-functional if you need to carry your work materials to the office or on your daily errands, and they usually include some extra space for other essentials. 

Backpacks often provide specialized compartments for laptops. Whether this is a feature you need or not, you will usually find ample space to add in day-to-day items alongside your work materials, including a change of clothes, books, wallets, workout clothes, or your swimming suit if you are going to spend a day at the beach. Backpacks are particularly nice if you are an active person, spending entire days outside of your apartment, seeing friends in the park, or crawling pubs in the evening. Backpacks are also highly functional if you are a frequent traveler and don’t want to spend a minute more at your accommodation when you could be seeing the sites! All in all, a stylish and durable backpack is an ideal option for those who have active lifestyles and spend large amounts of time outside of the home.


Messenger bags, on the other hand, offer a stylish and more ‘work-friendly’ alternative, for men who are concerned with portraying a strong image and transporting the basics but don’t need to use their bag more extensively outdoors. 



We’ve gathered examples of our top recommendations, whether you’re looking for a handy new backpack or messenger bag for work.


Achiote’s messenger bag collection 

All our messenger bag models are meticulously handwoven and hand-dyed, complemented with a leather strap that is easily adjustable or detachable from the bag. Each bag features compartments to store your laptop and working documents or keep your wallet, key, and other personal effects. 


Achiote’s handwoven backpack bags

Keep all your favorite belongings safe as you are trekking downtown or crossing the wilderness, with Achiote’s authentic woolen backpacks. Of course, these are smart and stylish enough for work purposes too, which makes them perfect for days when your daily activities continue after work hours. 

Achiote backpacks are spacious, practical, and durable. They are also highly adaptable working as well as for a lounging day at the beach storing books, clothes, and refreshments as it does for the office or a weekend away.